Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How To Restore Deleted Calender Entries In Outlook

I deleted my calender folder in the latest version of Outlook 2013, containing a list of all my important appointments unknowingly. While navigating through emails, when I click on the triangle to expand the deleted items folder, it just disappeared and didn't show anything. I think I have trashed them. Is there any method to import calender entries in my current Outlook configuration? Initial versions of Outlook shows the expansion icon as it identifies that the folder contains sub folders.

Outlook 2013 no longer show this expansion icon in the email navigation if the sub-folder is not a mail folder. If you already emptied the deleted items folder, items can be restored by using PST Repair tool, which resolves all types of PST corruptions as well as permanently deleted files. The PST Repair software is designed with powerful algorithm for scanning all files and fixing errors. It has advanced features to retrieve pst data which have been accidentally deleted or has been erased from PC.

However, if accidentally you have deleted important items like calender, contacts or emails and also emptied your Trash, you can restore by using PST repair application 

Advanced Features Of PST Repair Software:

1. it can easily recover permanently deleted mailbox objects such as – contacts, calender, notes, journals, emails, attachments, tasks etc.
2. repairs pst files larger than maximum file size limit 2 GB
3. the items can be previewed by users before the recovery for selecting and saving them on desired location of the PC
4. compatible with all latest versions of Outlook – Outlook 2010, 2013 

Although Outlook has in-built tool known as Inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe file for repairing pst data, but it has few limitation- it cannot repair severely corrupt files and is unable to restore permanently deleted mailbox items. That is why PST Repair software is used which is the most efficient application for retrieval of permanently deleted files.

 Pst Repair tool  helps in recovery of deleted Calender folder in Outlook because of the limitations of Scanpst.exe in Outlook application.

Monday, 13 January 2014

How Can I Recover Encrypted emails in PST Folders File

I was shortlisted to appear for an interview and confirmed on email. I was supposed to take the printout of the email. But, I forgot my password and could not open my emails in Outlook. Generally, password is used for securing all mailbox items so that unauthorized person cannot access any valuable information of personalized emails. Actually, all emails in Microsoft outlook application are stored in a .pst data file. The PST file format also known as Personal Storage table stores – emails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes, tasks, calender entries, account settings. 

After setting up the password to protect pst files, you are required to enter the password for accessing all Outlook data, whenever you launch Microsoft outlook application. Password is used to ensure confidentiality of important data. If somehow, you are unable to recall your pst file password, then PST repair software is used for Encrypted pst file  recovery. Since in-built feature called inbox repair tool in Outlook has its limitations that it cannot fix severely corrupt pst errors. Scanpst.EXE is unable to recover pst files locked with password. Hence, PST Repair tool is is used to recover lost password.

Prominent Features Of PST Repair Software :

1. repairs badly damaged PST files with accuracy
2. recovers permanently deleted emails 
3. successfully recovers encrypted or password protected PST data which makes the software uniquely different from other programs
4. it works when Inbox repair tool fails and restores PST files which exceed more than 2 GB.
5. Helps in selective recovery of mail items, contacts or folders and saves them at desired location of PC

PST Repair software is widely used to recover lost or forgotten passwords from password protected Personal Storage files (*.pst). The application can recover even complex passwords of any length and users are able to locate the files without loss of any critical data. 

Password is set to maintain the integrity of PST files in Outlook. But if you forget password, PST repair software will detect encrypted pst file password recovery very easily with strong graphical user interface.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Outlook 2007 Responding Slowly: What to Do Now

Is your Outlook 2007 is responding slowly? Microsoft always try to provide better technology to the users thats why there are many versions of Outlook is available in market. Outlook 2007 is successor of Outlook and contains lots of powerful features which are capable of perform any task much faster than the previous versions. But there are many cases comes in light where Outlook 2007 significantly get slow down. There are many reasons which can reduce its performance such as pst corruption, over sized files, virus attack, improper termination of Outlook related items, etc. Outlook 2007 is based on UNICODE which exceeds the size limit up to 2GB. But one of the major cause of its slow response is over sized pst files. You can delete unnecessary data in order to boost up the its speed.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Repair Outlook 2013: Access All Corrupted Pst Files

Want to repair Outlook 2013? Outlook 2013 is the latest version which has improved user interface and packed up with lots of new and advance features. It is faster and easier than ever. It is probably best among all versions so far. But its all new and advanced features can't help it in situation of pst corruption. Like all other versions it is also affected by the same problem. Pst corruption can often results as crash of Outlook, slow response, several error messages, start up problem and the ultimate data inaccessibility for users. In order to repair Outlook 2013 Microsoft included the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe as an inbuilt utility. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SCANPST.EXE Freezes While Repairing PST Files In Outlook

My outlook 2013 crashes whenever I try to 'Run' Scanpst.exe file. It is a well-known fact that PST files in Outlook are very prone to corruptions due to a number of reasons like – virus attack, 2 GB file size limitation, improper shutdown, interrupted power supply, unexpected closing of Outlook application etc. For resolving such errors Outlook provides an in-built tool called Scanpst.exe which is designed to diagnose and identify the cause of errors in .pst data files. But due to its limitations,  Scanpst.exe hangs while repairing PST files. It fails to fix errors in damaged PST and the tool freezes with no result, whenever you try, to start the scan process. Even if you open Windows Task Manager, you will see that the application is found to be 'Not Responding'. If you restart the system, you get the same result. The inbox repair tool cannot repair severely damaged pst files.

Few Possible Reasons For Scanpst Failure In Fixing Errors In PST Data

1. Scanpst.exe program file is not updated or has not been installed properly
2. if you are trying to repair more than 2 GB file size, the Inbox Repair tool gets freezed  

Hence, you are suggested to use a third party software called PST Repair Software. This application is designed with advanced and powerful algorithm for scanning and fixing  PST errors.

PST Repair Software Features:

1. recovers even permanently deleted mailbox items such as emails, attachments, notes, journals, tasks, calender entries
2. hepls to preview files before recovery for selection and saving them at desired location
3. restores password-protected and over sized files
4. compatible with all latest versions of Outlook

scanpst.exe crashes during scanning due to its limitations. PST repair Software helps in fixing and resolving all issues related to PST files.

Fix Outlook error 0x80048002

Outlook error 0x80048002 is a common and often encountered by Outlook users. Most of the time it comes while sending or receiving emails. The moment this error occurs then you will be unable to send or receive any emails. It can also generate problem in accessing your data and other functions. The situation become frustrating for any user when they go through all the process correctly for performing any task and at the last suddenly a error message comes and deny them to complete the task. This particular error generally occurs during the process of sending or receiving emails.

Root Causes of Outlook Error 0x80048002:

  • Problem in POP3 mail server 
  • Corruption in pst files 
  • Virus attack 
  • Problem in Outlook setting 
  • Hard drive failure 
  • Network connection issue 
  • Improper termination of pst files 


Some Error Messages 

  • “PST can't be accessed” 
  • “Unknown error 0x8004018 has occurred” 
  • “Client error: 0x80040600 has occurred” 
  • “File path cannot be found ” 
  • “Outlook.pst can not be accessed – 0x80040116” 
  • “Not able to find.PST file” 
  • “Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size” 

If you are thinking to fix Outlook error 0x80048002 manually then you should know one thing thatyou will need highly technical knowledge to resolve this problem. The process of getting out of this corruption issue is very lengthy and professional. It is nearly impossible to fix the problem manually for a common user. You can take the help of the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe. But the chance of success of scanpst is not very hopeful due to its limited features. It is only applicable on the minor corruption and every now and then fails to repair the corrupted pst files. So it is good the take the help of professionals. Outlook Pst Repair Software is designed by a team of highly professional experts. It is able to repair any severe corruption of pst files. It has a very effective and powerful set of feature which are applicable on any type of corruption issue. Therefore it is recommended to use Outlook Pst Repair Software in order to get rid of Outlook error 0x80048002. 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Get Rid of Outlook Mscon32.dll Errors & Access Corrupted Pst Files

Mscon32.dll is directly responsible for the smooth performance of Outlook. The moment any corruption occurs in this dll users start to encounter several error messages. Outlook Mscon32.dll Errors is now common for Outlook users. It prevent Outlook to perform any task properly. It can denies you to access, store or mange your emails, calender, contacts etc. Dll errors are not only responsible for data inaccessibility but it can also cause improper and annoying functionality of Outlook. There are many possible reasons which can cause this particular error in Outlook such as: the most reasonable cause of this error is corruption in Mscon32.dll, hard ware failure, Networking device issue, any kind of problem in storage media, corruption in file system, virus attack, over sized pst files, improper termination of Outlook related elements etc. This error is able to affect the entire working of Outlook.

How To Repair “cannot find scanpst.exe” On Windows Vista

I have been using Outlook application for all my email communication but it kept crashing whenever I tried to access my important emails. since all mailbox objects like emails, attachments, notes, tasks, calender, journals are stored as .pst files. It seems that Microsoft Office was displaying an error “.pst folders file could not be accessed”on opening .pst files on my Windows Vista. Well, obviously, I would use Scanpst.exe for repairing error in Outlook data file. I started searching the Inbox Repair tool but “cannot find scanpst.exe”. 

Where is Scanpst on Windows Vista? 

The location of Windows vista Scanpst.exe is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12. You need to allow viewing of hidden files and folders and you will be able to easily locate Scanpst.exe file when you need to 'Run' for fixing errors in Outlook data files.       

Click on SCANPST.EXE for repairing your PST file. It is generally Outlook.pst data file. If however you get this error message “this application has failed to start because SCNPST32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”. You might have downloaded scanpst.exe from internet or another computer which is not working properly. So you need to download the correct scanpst.exe file. 

But inbox repair tool cannot repair severely damaged files due to its limitations. Therefore a third party tool, PST Repair Software is used for resolving all pst issues in Outlook which is more efficient and reliable tool. It can also recover permanently deleted files, Over sized and password protected files. 

PST Repair Software Features :

1. recovers permanently deleted files
2. allows users to preview items that are to be recovered for selective recovery of files
3. designed with advanced and powerful algorithm for recovery of all types of errors
4. supports all latest versions of Outlook – 2010, 2013 

PST repair tool also Splits large Outlook PST files into smaller PST files on different criteria like date, file size, folder and protects them from corruption due to PST size limitation. To overcome the limitations of scanpst.exe, the better alternative is to download PST Repair Software which has more advanced features than scanpst.exe for repairing badly corrupted pst files in Outlook. 

If you cannot find scanpst.exe on windows vista pst repair tool can be used for email data recovery in Microsoft Outlook, since Scanpst.exe cannot repair all pst errors, owing to limitations.


Monday, 6 January 2014

Scanpst Does Not Work: How to Repair Corrupted pst files

There are many cases where scanpst does not work and fails to repair the corrupted pst files. Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is programmed to take the responsibility of smooth performance of Outlook. But very soon it was found that scanpst.exe is not applicable for all corruption issue and very often fails to repair the corruption of pst files. In such situation user simply get panic and doesn't know what to do. Obviously loss of any important business related data is a very calamitous situation for any user but failure of scanpst does not mean the end of hopes. In this type of situation it is highly recommended to the user to not to be panic because when there is will there is a way. The rapid improvement in technology proven that nothing is impossible. There is still a very good possibility of repairing pst corruption even when scanpst does not work. The main cause of its failure is its limited functionality.

Cases where Scanpst.exe Fails to Repair the Corrupted Pst Files:

  • It fails to repair any severe corruption 
  • Not able to repair over sized files 
  • Unable to recover any accidentally deleted items 
  • Does not recognizes other than header part 
  • Not applicable on password protected pst files 
  • Very hard to locate


Several Error Messages Encountered by Users when Scanpst fails

  • PST can't be accessed
  • File path cannot be found
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size
  • Outlook.pst can not be accessed – 0x80040116

Therefore in such situation there is rather a easy way to repair you all corrupted pst files. You can take the help Outlook Pst Repair Software. It repairs all pst corruptions very easily without any complicated and lengthy process. It is applicable on all corruption issues. It recover almost all inaccessible pst files with just few mouse clicks. It overcomes all the failure of scanpst. So it is recommended to use Outlook Pst Repair Software when scanpst does not work

Effectiveness of Outlook Pst Repair Software

  • Ultimate Solution for all pst corruption issues 
  • Highly effective and easy to use 
  • Recovers all accidentally deleted emails 
  • Recovers password form encrypted files 
  • Scans entire Outlook and fix the corruption completely 
  • Offers various scanning options 
  • Enables you to look the preview of all recovered items before restoring them 
  • Saves the files with original names 


An Unknown Error Occurred 0x80040116 to the Outlook: Fix it Now


An unknown error occurred 0x80040116 to the Outlook. Unable to perform any operation on Outlook? Know how to get rid of this error?


0x80040116 is time out error which mainly takes place due to corruption issue. No matter what the cause of corruption is but once the pst get corrupted then it become very hard to handle Outlook. The very error can cause data inaccessibility and also it can stop you to perform any task on Outlook. When the error occurs Outlook users are unable to send or receive emails, it does not allow you to access your files, hangs while startup, refuse to save new files, takes to long to complete any operation etc.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Easy Way to Fix Microsoft Outlook 2007

Want to fix Microsoft Outlook 2007? Now a days time is money and in corporate sector time is precious than money. Microsoft Outlook 2007 save the valuable time of users by managing their business related emails, contact, address, calenders etc in a quick time. MS Outlook has speed up the communication system for business oriented peoples. It is successor of Outlook 2003 and far more better from the previous versions in terms of features and efficiency. But the one thing that remains same in this version as well is corruption issue. The chances of corruptions of pst file is as high as the rest of the versions. Corruption in pst files changes the whole theory of reliability and efficiency because once it get corrupted it becomes very annoying for users. Corruption in Outlook data not only cause pst inaccessibility but it also affect the entire working of Outlook.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Can't Receive Emails from Microsoft Outlook

Is your Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails? Basically Outlook is used to send, receive and store emails. Sometimes due to any error Outlook users start facing some problem while performing their task such as “Outlook stop sending or receiving emails, emails become inaccessible to you, some times it unable to start, hangs while perform any operation”. Corruption in pst files is the most reasonable cause behind the situation where you start having problem while handling Outlook. There are many reasons which can drag a pst file to the corruption issue like virus attack, improper installation of Outlook, network connection problem, power fluctuation, sudden termination of Outlook related files etc. You can check the network connection to resolve the problem but if the problem is not related to network connection then you should reinstall your Outlook when Microsoft Outlook stop receiving emails.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Scanpst.exe Did Not Fix My Outlook: What to Do Next

Scanpst.exe Did Not Fix My Outlook? are you the one who is facing same problem? Scanpst.exe is added to the Office suit because of the pst file format is prone to corruption. Scanpst is mainly programmed to repair the corruption of pst files but it is no more a secret that it is not good enough for repairing all Outlook corruptions. It has a limited set of features which are not able to repair all the corruptions of pst files. It repairs only some of the minor corruptions it recognizes only the header part so it only able to repair the corruptions related to header portion. But when it comes to any severe corruptions it fails to repair the pst files. In such situation users frequently ask one question how to repair the corrupted pst files when Scanpst.exe Did Not Fix Outlook related issues?

Location Guide: Locate scanpst.exe 2013 Easily

Are you using Outlook 2013 and unable to find the scanpst.exe, then you need not to worry because you are at the right place. This post contain all important informations related to scanpst.exe 2013 location guide. Like all the versions, Outlook 2013 also use pst file format to store users data which is an open file format and prone to corruption due to its excessive use. Microsoft provided sanpst.exe or inbox repair tool with every single version of Outlook so it is also available in Outlook 2013 as well. Unlike other version in Outlook 2013 it is more harder to locate it. Earlier versions of Outlook let you locate it quite easily but the recent version, click to run process is more enhanced and easy to use but it is not that easy to locate scanpst.exe manually

Thursday, 2 January 2014

How to Fix Outlook scanpst.exe Error

Want to fix Outlook scanpst.exe error? There are many reasons of error encounter in Outlook scanpst. Basically corruption in scanpst generate several error messages and it appear when you try to open any related files. The inbox repair tool is a part of office suit so any corruption in the inbuilt utility may result as difficulty in handling Outlook for you. The main cause of error in Outlook scanpst is its limited functions. Scanpst is assembled in the Outlook due to the prone to corruption nature of pst files. Scanpst can easily remove any partial corruption from Outlook data and makes it accessible for you but when the issue of corruption gets bigger then it has been found that the inbox repair tool fails and the problem remains unfixed. In such situation several error messages starts to come.

Get Rid of Outlook 2007 File Access Denied Error

Are you getting error message Outlook 2007 file access denied while accessing, sending or importing your files in Outlook 2007? This type of error message comes when your pst files get inaccessible due to any corruption issue. Once the error message comes on your computer screen then you won't be able to complete any operation with the particular file. The very error message can also effect the performance of Outlook. There are many causes which can drag your Outlook data to a corruption situation such as virus attack, over sized pst files, improper shut down of computer, sudden termination of Outlook elements, power fluctuation etc. But to deal with this type of situations Microsoft added scanpst.exe to Office suit as an inbuilt utility. Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is used to repair the corruptions of pst files. It is very useful for any minor corruption of Outlook and help you to repair your files instantly. So you can use scanpst.exe to get rid of Outlook 2007 file access denied error messages.

Repair Corrupted pst Files With Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook inbox repair tool or scanpst is a preinstalled tool comes along with every single version of Outlook. It is used to repair the corrupted pst files. It works like a first aid kit for Outlook users. It is not very successful and often fails to repair corruption of Outlook data but it work quite decently for the minor corruption of pst files and repairs any kind of minor corruption belongs to the header part of Outlook. It has a common issue for all the version of MS Outlook, its location is different in all the version of Outlook so you can find difficulty in lactation it but that doesn't means that Outlook inbox repair tool is missing from your computer